Whitewater Rafting on the California Salmon River

Whitewater Rafting the California SalmonThe California Salmon (Cal-Salmon) is considered the "Cherry Creek" of springtime rafting. This Class V whitewater rafting run is for experts only and runnable by raft or kayak. This website was built to serve as an educational and informational resource for guests, guides and the general whitewater rafting community. If you have some class IV whitewater rafting experience and want to go whitewater rafting on the California Salmon...consider contacting a commercial rafting outfitter.

Images courtesy of All-Outdoors California Whitewater Rafting

California Whitewater Rafting GuidebookCalifornia Whitewater Rafting GuidebookPortions of information found within this website were excertped from California Whitewater by Jim Cassady and The Best Whitewater in California by Lars Holbek. Put-in and take-out shuttles are easily accessible and only takes about 30 minutes. Camping is scarce, especially in the gorge, so plan accordingly. The Cal-Salmon can be run at flows of up to 5000 cfs, but it is not recommended. The mile-by-mile guide and river descriptions page can be used to plan some of the logistics of your whitewater rafting adventure, but cannot replace the skills and judgement needed to run this river.